The time change gives the starting signal and announces, although it officially began on March 21, the arrival of spring. A season that makes us dream of pastel colours, open windows and appetizing meals on the terrace or garden. Of course, winter is not over yet, but nothing prevents us from preparing for good weather.

1. Green, white and wood

They are the perfect combination to give our rooms that fresh and lively atmosphere that screams for the sun and flowering trees. Green, in addition to plants, can be used in tableware, cushions and other accessories. White is our wild card in walls, furniture, curtains and bedding. Wood and natural fibres, such as wicker or bamboo, are a spring staple.

2. Say yes to flowers

And to the plants with pretty leaves. They bring the freshness of the outside inside the house, they provide freshness, life and, of course, a good aroma, as conveyed by this environment designed by Coton et Bois. In addition, taking care of them can be a good therapy to free you from stress. If you have a garden, create beautiful arrangements and place them in strategic places in your home: on the coffee table, over the fireplace, in the kitchen, on the entrance console…

3. Let the sun in

Open your windows and blinds and let the light and heat filter into your rooms and, especially, into the work area or desk corner, since there are studies that point to benefits such as improved intellectual performance and cognitive capacity. . There is no better way to stretch than to watch the sun from bed. Of course, if your curtains are heavy and dark, you should replace them with linen and cotton in light or white colors.

4. Rearrange your furniture

Curiously, changing chairs, auxiliaries, armchairs and even the sofa creates a feeling of movement and a brand new home and life. A new season can be the time to treat yourself and get that piece you have been dreaming of for a long time or that special print to brighten up your walls.

5. Free space

Free up space and free your interiors from everything that gives you warmth during the winter. It’s time to change your rugs, renew the cushions and textiles and bring out the freshest bedding. Take the opportunity to organize and clean: simplicity is a good companion at this time of year.

6. Prepare your terrace and garden

The end of winter is the perfect time to dream and enjoy life outdoors. For this reason, get them in shape and think about the plants and furniture you need for your spring and summer parties, barbecues with friends or peaceful naps under the shade.

7. Create a multicolour world

There is no better way to fight spring asthenia than to see life in pink, blue, green… This process of adaptation of the body to the increase in heat, the hours of sunshine and the necessary atmospheric pressure, in addition to eating foods such as eggs, cereals and nuts, is an injection of strength and vitality. Incorporate small (or large) touches of colour into your environment and let yourself be carried away by its effects. It’s time to get going!

8. Renew your cushion collection

Change the pillowcases and cushions for others in fresher, more colourful fabrics (white is also fine). Try making cheerful compositions, mixing plain fabrics with other printed ones. Flowers and geometrics are always welcome this time of year.

9. Paint the walls

And the furniture. The dark days are over and the sun sets later. Therefore, in the same way, that a good haircut helps to regain energy and good humour, a can of paint is true home therapy. Acid and pastel tones, along with immaculate white, will help you achieve this. Also, keep in mind that if you remove any paintings or hang new photos, you need pristine walls.

10. Special spring fabrics

The cold is now part of the past, so it is time to put away the duvets and thick bedspreads and replace them with light blankets in basic, soft colours remove the heavy curtains and put fresh curtains in light colours in their place. Favourite fabrics this season? Natural ones that breathe, like linen and cotton.

11. Use mirrors

In different shapes and styles, mirrors change wall decoration and bring the outdoors inside the home. Without forgetting, they bring natural light to every corner and multiply the meters, so that your rooms look more spacious and radiant.

12. Spring scents

Perfuming your home with fresh, fruity or floral aromas will make you feel that the good weather is already here, improving your mood and raising your level of positivity. Candles, oils, mikados… Spring is in the air!

13. Pamper yourself

Breakfast in bed, a relaxing bath, a girls’ afternoon on the terrace … Prepare your spaces for the new season, thinking about how to take care of yourself and be happier. You and your house are connected by a thin thread.

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