Spring is already here, so it’s time to do multiple gardening jobs to have the most beautiful plot in the neighbourhood. The key tasks are to aerate the soil and remove it, also remove weeds, prune plants or provide organic fertilizers. Would you like to have a fountain in your garden? Try making one of these DIY designs to bring joy when you hear the sound of water.

The first thing to do when we plan to decorate the terrace and prepare it for the good weather is to think about what decorative style we want to give it. Once established, regardless of the size of your oasis, there are a series of tips that you should know to put into practice. We review them. Of course, you have to keep an eye on the main pests and follow tips that act more strongly during this period, such as aphids, caterpillars, slugs and snails, and start with periodic watering so that the surface is well drained.


First of all, plan the layout and distribution of the garden plot, so you won’t buy extra things or the landscaping will be poor. you are often forgotten by owners. Next, make sure you have all the necessary tools. Consider adding a potting bench if you want to spruce up your pots this year.

Prepare the garden well for the arrival of spring, the soil must have the appropriate nutrients for your plants, so create a good substrate and fertilize with homemade compost to take advantage of organic waste. You can also think about planting shrubs or fruit trees if you have space or have XXL pots.

Transplant indoor plants to a larger container, if needed, and use a specific substrate. Water more frequently and be careful with plants that are near windows because although they need a lot of light, the sun is very strong and can burn the leaves. You can also renew the flowers with spring plantings such as begonias, Impatiens, petunias, tagetes, carnations, ageratum… Choose the best beautiful outdoor plants to brighten your terrace or balcony.

Another important task is to design a good plant composition or place flower beds to create a small plant wall. You will ensure it does not look like a bare and unfinished garden because a neglected plot always deducts points from your house. It’s the perfect time to reseed your lawn or start installing artificial grass and discover how it holds up. Of course, watering garden plants is crucial, whether you do it manually, which you will have to do daily, or if you use automatic irrigation systems; since you must check drippers, sprinklers and programmers so that nothing fails and everything is in perfect condition when spring arrives.


Geraniums: the king of the balcony

Spring is approaching and with it the main protagonists of our windows: geraniums, easy-to-care for flowers. For them to grow abundantly, put them in an area where they receive 6 hours of light a day and use pots, preferably clay, that are not very large.


A garden on your plot

If you have a garden or plot, create a garden on different terraces, so you won’t have to bend down so much to take care of it. You can also transfer this idea to the terrace, so you will enjoy your homemade recipes of vegetables picked with your hands. We recommend that you create a hydroponic garden or start growing cherry tomatoes and baby carrots to test your gardening skills.


Bulbs: it’s time to plant them

Amaryllis, begonias, callas, Lilium, gladioli or tuberose, spring bulbs are more sensitive to cold than autumn bulbs, so you should plant them when the winter frosts are over when the temperature is around 13 degrees. You can put them both on the garden floor and in a flower pot that you can place on the balcony or terrace. Although they adapt to any soil, it is better to use a sandy one with a good supply of organic matter. Try to place them in a sunny place, or at least between sun and shade, and do not water them excessively.



Children love when little birds visit them again, so invite the little birds to return to your garden with these beautiful birdhouses, painted in fun colors, and with a mobile stand so they are very comfortable while they feed.


How do you polish large leaves?

Day after day, plants accumulate dust, as do furniture, lamps and other accessories. Therefore, they must be cleaned so that they recover their colour and shine, but also to facilitate their photosynthesis process, which improves indoor air quality and makes it healthier.

Start by removing the dust with a cloth and water, and always place one of your hands underneath so as not to damage the blade. Additionally, if you follow any of these homemade, eco-friendly tips, they will shine for longer: rub with a wool cloth use natural brighteners, such as the inside of a banana peel, or use a wet cloth, wrung out in a little milk or beer.

You can also use the egg white and, with a brush, paint the leaves of the plants. Finally, if the leaves have traces of lime and are whitish, mix a tablespoon of vinegar in each litre of water and spray.


Create a stone path

Slate slabs are perfect for decorating your gravel garden. You will find pieces in different sizes and morphology, so dare to mix and create your nursery with little plants and get started in landscaping.


Very original vases

Take risks with truly original vases, of different designs and heights, to create a composition that adds style, like this one with a total white look. It uses exotic palm leaves as foliage, with pinnate leaves; false papyrus stems; and branches of cinnamon eucalyptus or asparagus… This environment has vases in the shape of animals, from Parlane. We show you beautiful ways to present bouquets with flowers in vases.


Pedestal planter

An upward trend that also makes any plant take centre stage by elevating it on a pedestal, so you can create a beautiful optical effect with beautiful planters and pots, which you can place at different heights.


Stylish watering can

Watering times are essential for plants to grow healthy and lustrous. This galvanized steel watering can also decorate your terrace (And it doesn’t rust!).

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