Hey everyone! The new year is about to roll in, celebrating which is a holiday! Satiating your dutifulness with your buddies or family members, how are you passing your leisure? 

Are you getting gifts? I have a special gift idea for you:

It is perfect for you if you are a fan of dramatic films! It’s time to put your journal or notebook in your cart and make some of these your next items.

Crash Landing on You:

  • An adventurous romantic comedy- K-Dramas where a rich South Korean woman accidentally lands in North Korea. When that happens the tale of their mutual love, which actually can be funny and heartwarming as well, to a certain point develops. Besides all the humorous moments, dramatic scenes as well as some romance lines are what you should expect in the context of these two characters acting to maintain their connections in the brutal environment.


  • “Signal” is a brain teaser with the protagonists – sleuths from different epochs solving cold cases. Thus, the series creates an atmosphere of thrill by combining the two components which are the mystery and suspense that eventually makes the viewers follow the path as they find the crime which takes in a mayhem. If you are a crime drama enthusiast or just like a good thriller you can have both feelings when you watch this show because “Signal” gives you an interesting experience that makes you watch more episodes.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay:

  • I thought I’d never make it. I struggled to be someone who doesn’t look like him anymore.” In the plot picture, a kids’ book author and a caregiver in a psychiatric clinic will be the main characters, who will meet each other alone in an unpredictable way. Slowly but surely, the characters try to face the obstacles and their inner hurt, which balances the movie and completes it with the feeling of love, healing, and self-discovery.


  • “Kingdom” is a real historical fiction series based on events that occur in a dying country amidst the zombie apocalypse. Apart from becoming the epitome of horror, the series is also enriched by the many political intrigues, and packed with action scenes. The viewers are carried into a universe in which survivor instinct is vital, and the unspoken place occupy the room of the kingdom. Boasting a captivating plotline and a skillfully drawn suspense, “Kingdom” delightfully stands apart from other zombie genres and ends up being a story that will undoubtedly leave audiences breathless while anxiously waiting for a sequel.


  • “Vincenzo”, has a combination of dark comedy and mafia crime elements which makes followers stick to it from the very first moment. Vincenzo, the main character of the series, is a mob lawyer who loves irony as a way of putting things straight. As the story deals with the problem of the crime, the plot develops up and down vertically from moment to moment scenery reflects through the eyes of the protagonist revealing the secret spots of the shadowy underworld.

Hospital Playlist:

  • “Hospital Playlist” is so unique because it opens the doors for viewers to witness the internal troubles of doctors at work as well as in their friendships; it looks at the doctors’ double personalities. Focusing on the in-hospital and outside locations, the series wires the emotional ties emerging while chaos unfolds in hospital scenes. In the fictional world of “Hospital Playlist”, a typical day at the hospital revolves around sensitizing the viewer to the intricacies of human connections, and the highs, and lows of life. It serves as a positive representation of the medical profession.

Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God):

  • “Goblin (Guardian: ‘”Goblin” of “Bridal Mask” is an incredible fantasy romance drama that could let the viewers travel into a world of romance and destiny. Saga of a goblin who happened to be mesmerized by a beautiful bride whose unfortunately faith is intertwined across the realms. This series excites with its blended romance, flashes of the supernatural, and flight-of-the-imagination thrill from the beginning to the end, eternally inviting viewers in.


  • “Stranger” is unlike other crime dramas; it is a heart-pounding investigation into state corruption brilliantly done only in an exciting political drama. The series features the stories of a prosecutor and a cop working together, or sometimes on their own, to discover and expose the manipulative schemes behind complex affairs and hidden objectives. The actor in the “Stranger” movie has a strong plot with unpredictable scenes so no one expects them. Therefore, viewers have to be alert to know what is happening in the plot of the movie.


  • “Start-Up” will inspire anyone who has ever felt that entrepreneurship, chasing dreams, and love could co-exist in the world of tech start-ups. The plot aligned to their struggle and triumph reflects how some pursuers are focused on catching their business dreams while others make it practical with the support of their team. The show’s on-point depiction of a meaningful story and relatable characters has made it intriguing and inspiring. 

My Mister:

  • “My Mister” is one to check out. It’s a story about an unusual romantic alliance where a man, who finds it difficult to go through life’s obstacles, and a young woman, who is in the midst of her troubles, are connected. This film explores resilience, friendship, and unwittingly, deriving comfort in unusual places. Through their lives that go on intersecting, the viewers are brought to the point of compassion as they at the same time try to understand what happens to the characters against the backdrop of such overwhelming adversity.

These top 10 K-dramas present a collection of different fairytales to choose from, which will make you spend all your time during the holiday. The only reason that I’ve started to prefer the drama genre is the way it makes you feel; be it laughter, joy, or utter immersiveness.


After all, these top 10 K-dramas Netflix universe is a space where the distinction of a broad and meticulous range of captivating stories is laid out for every viewer. From having romantic storylines to detective thrillers and shows that are reflective thinkers, these series don’t just entertain but also give thoughts on different aspects of life. If you are looking for a lighthearted or heartbreaking story, or maybe you need some suspense, then you are sure to find a KD drama that will contain you and make you forget your world. As such, bearing this in mind, please have a warm heart-to-heart with yourself and just have fun and try to transcend the limitations of preconceptions, prejudices, and fixed positions when you are bingeing on these shows as they offer a variety of emotions and experiences to check out.

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